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Service of recommendations and experience exchange that connects travellers and allows them to make money on their adventures

It is always interesting to discover new places, however it involves numerous stress factors and risks: hard choice, lack of trust, uncertainty. We have created the ecosystem that provides everything to a person, who has decided to step outisde of his comfort zone.

What is the mission of Onlife?


Travelling ecosystem Get inspired, search for the ideas of new journeys. Service unites tourists from all around the globe, who share their experiences and shape the image of touristic places. Only live and honest content from real people.


Journeys monetization  Discover new places, write reviews on them and earn commission for each visitor. It is also possible to create multiple sets of impression about your journey and afford them to other tourists as a guide.


Business advertising Connect your business to our platform and seize the opportunity to attract huge amount of customers. Whether it is a restaurant, club or even a souvenir shop – if you advertise a qualitative service or a product, people will get attracted to it.


Honest opinions Trust the content. We create a transparent platform, where everyone is able to leave his comment and opinion. However, not every post survives: platform has security 6 systems against fake and fraud. This reduces any chance to get an unpleasant surprise when visiting a high-score hotel with hoary maintenance of Elvis times.


Make money while travelling Visit any place, put it on a map, write a review, add a photo and video, create a route and get a reward from the system. Every activity in the app would be paid. Wrote a post about the new bar? Get cash. Connected the business? Great, here is your reward.

Only the real transparent content with Onlife. We have developed 6 security systems against fakes that would provide protection from dishonest reviews and fake content. Due to the fact that our whole platform would be developed by tourists, we would be checking the authenticity of all reviews with our auditors. Now you wouldn’t have to worry about the quality of food and services while travelling.

Huge part of any budget goes to the hundreds of intermediaries that resell the items or services. Now you are able to avoid it as at Onlife you get in touch with product owners directly!

If you want to avoid all the problems of planning a trip on your own, now you can use the other users’ routes. It is enough to only get a glimpse of the route and get an idea on where, how much, when and how.

It is impossible to live without any contacts. If you are travelling to Goa and someone there is already waiting for you, it is a great opportunity to improve your journey to the maximum level. Thanks to our platform spontaneous trips will get a new life: now this would become a new way to earn a lot of new valuable contacts, spend time with much fun and get an outburst of emotions.

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Onlife for business

Do you own a business that is related to tourism and travelling? Do you work well and love your clients? Then our service will provide you with constant source of visitors. It is enough to simply connect to us. Please join us, tell us about your business story, get a positive feedback and users’ recommendations. The best way to attract new customers is a word-of-mouth method. Read more

Onlife for tourists

Travel smart and even make money on it! We would help you to rent the accommodation and transport without large commissions and intermediaries. While also we would tell you how to get a qualitative service and create additional source of personal income.Read more

Onlife for expats

Willing to relocate? Our app will allow you to learn every aspect of moving in a few clicks. And most importantly -- ask for the advice from locals, that know plenty of precious details and features that would be highly valuable during the relocation. Read more

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