A Guide That You Can Get into Bed!


Imagine that you had a great day in a new city, and in the morning, you found a guide in your room. Well, not even in the room, but in the comfortable bed of your hotel room. No, we will not give step-by-step instructions. But we also will not leave without sharing useful information. Information about a guide, without which your trip (and bed) will be so much worse. Let`s talk about virtual guides.

Personalization is the main feature of a normal modern guide. When the wishes and preferences of the client are clear, there is no need to guess or refer to universal (banal) offers for tourists. Consider yourself free from the list of boring, worn-out places. Each location is to your liking. Who will refuse a guide who knows everything that is necessary for your pleasure convenience even better than you?

Virtual reality is no longer used just for entertainment. No need to annoy the hotel staff looking for a comfortable bed for one night. All you need is to put on VR glasses, and you are Neo from the Matrix. The hotel chains were the first to offer the opportunity to visit their rooms online. Airlines stood behind for a little, but in the end, they also introduced a similar technology. The times when you rushed into all the hardships on a trip because you simply didn’t know where and in what conditions you will have to spend the night, are slowly becoming a thing of the past. VR content in tourism brings more transparency and fun to the journey before it even starts.

So you dragged the guide to bed, what’s next? Stay in bed. Some companies decided to take it easy and created virtual tours for different cities. All for real — with audio, city navigation and videos, if necessary.

Our guide certainly did not get stuck in the days of museum exhibits in the city center. Everything modern is not alien to him. Even IoT. The Internet of things is almost self-aware. It is necessary to add that awareness does not go too far, and there is no reason to be afraid of sudden attacks from loyal assistants. Things are the other way around. Imagine that you don’t need to make the bed — smart things in a smart hotel will take care of you. The same goes for breakfast, watching TV and cleaning — everything is according to your desire and at the click of a finger.

Customer interest in technology creates a huge demand for the introduction of smart things in almost every tourism branch.

Travels will apparently become more personalized, and experience — more
unique. With the help of VR, AR, Blockchain, IoT and BigData (the caretaker of the whole world!), organized trips will become more improved. Just by combining IoT and Blockchain tourism will turn into a monster devouring unnecessary expenses, dubious intermediaries and loss of underwear in luggage.

Our testers are already in business! With Onlife, you will learn about the best guides, make new friends, and earn on your travels.

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