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Hi everyone! How are you there? Already learned 2 new languages and lost 5 pounds? Way to go! Soon we will move on to food blogs!

Of course, staying at home is a paradise not only for poets and introverts. What could be better than taking a break from work during a cold and inhospitable March? Finally, it will be possible to get a good night`s sleep, pull yourself together, and take care of yourself. How many unseen movies and delayed things are on your wish list? What did you pump today? Traps or rank in an online game? Or maybe other skills?

We recently launched a cool “virus” update with a checklist from WHO to revise different locations for safety. Developers and testers are great fellows! With their help, we were able to evaluate such important factors in the current situation as the cleanliness of the rooms, conditions of stay, the presence of sanitizers in the institution and much more. Right now, the term “hospitality” is becoming synonymous with the word “care”.

Ready to find out which places care about their guests and comply with all WHO recommendations? Where is it safe to go in the current situation? Where you can find the antiseptic not only at the entrance but also on every table? What establishments offer an alternative to metal flatware in the form of disposable ones (yes, it’s better not to deal with metal so far)? What is the likelihood that a person at the next table is healthy? Where are WHO recommendations followed best of all? Our interactive map will help you! Now it’s easy to find out where to replenish stocks if you are out of sanitizers and toilet tissue.

Nobody can deceive us! The list and map of safe places will be constantly updated to guide everyone in the labile conditions of quarantine. Grandfather Darwin taught us to change and adapt to any conditions. And there is no right to upset the grandfather! So, let’s monitor tickets wait for the borders and airports to open, don’t forget to love ourselves, and keep calm. Of course, do not leave your homes without urgent need and prepare for new challenges in the post-quarantine world! And we, in turn, will help you stay alive with Onlife!

Wishing health to all! Stay with Onlife!

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