All Power to the People!


In recent years, it has become clear that evolution has not stopped and that new species mature constantly. One of those is Homo touristus. Or Homo travelous, as you think best 😇 These gypsies of the digital world got a head start on their modern relatives and even have more modern money. Today we understand how these cool guys in Robingudian style return power to the people, leaving behind the monopoly in tourism.

Holy Grail! The ace of trumps and place of power — The Blockchain. So why do homo touristus like it so much? Let’s get right down to specifics — bypassing intermediaries saves money and keeps pockets of tourists full. Blockchain technology, as a wise advocate, will save your money from stupid investments in intermediary accounts.

Monopolists in the tourism area work together. Blockchain, with one elegant gesture, breaks the entire system, giving power to each person separately. And with the spread of technology, life will become much more freely. Want to make a normal travel budget? May the Travel chain be with you. Want to remove parasites intermediaries from the path? LockChain is there for you!

Big brother is watching you! We have to admit that most payments for travel services are made blindly. By the principle “just take my fucking money”. There is no place for such connivance in the blockchain. When paying for a hotel or flight you are provided with all the info. You can track every detail. With such transparency, it gets hard to fool even yourself.

Ready or not… Finding the lost luggage, or even the right person whether it is the author of the fake news or your friend who arrived on a visa — no problem at all.

Blockchain is slowly making a revolution, and you might want to quickly jump aboard and join Homo travelous. Revolutionize with Onlife! We also do everything transparent and honest — protection from fakes and only real reviews about cities around the world. In the spirit of blockchain philosophy😊

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