Blockchain Under Your Pillow


Over the past year, hundreds of blockchain projects were born. But not all of them have practical benefits and are based on global demand. We did not analyze each of them but chose only those that are directly related to us — to the tourism sector. We have already talked about blockchain at airports here, and today we will talk about three real-life examples of blockchain implementation in hotels. Tourists will like them even more than a free minibar and ocean views.

Where? In Dubai, of course!

Caesars Resort Bluewaters Dubai Hotel has introduced a blockchain-based payment solution that allows its employees to make purchases at nearby restaurants and entertainment venues. They can afford it, after all, they live on oil) An intelligent platform allows the hotel to set up a loyalty system for each employee separately. KPI of the future — we work for discounts and food)

It is believed that the hotel followed in the footsteps of its neighbor Atlantis Dubai — since last year, it has been using blockchain payments for its services.

Be loyal and people will reach for you

A chain of hotels in Russia is launching a blockchain-based loyalty system, but for customers this time. It was created to increase the number of guests who will be able to accumulate loyalty points and pay with them in the system and beyond. Clients will have a chance to convert points to any currency, sell them on exchanges or transfer to other users. Or just play poker, why not?

Australian handshake

The Australian service for bargain purchase of tickets decided to expand its functionality by introducing a blockchain. They are working on an application for quick and affordable accommodation booking. The developers call it a “virtual handshake” system between a tourist and a hotel. It is expected that the system will accelerate the notification of users about the availability of free places in hotels of interest and any changes regarding the reservation. Booking of a healthy person!

Now Australians are at the stage of product testing, concluding cooperation agreements with local travel companies and making up “the 10 ways to take a picture with a kangaroo and stay alive.”

One of the charms of blockchain is that it aligns opportunities for small, medium and large businesses. Hotels and tourist complexes lose the opportunity to compete in prices and reviews. Both often are inconsistent with the service. If you have encountered this, by the way, write to us in the chat — we will anathematize them and warm a separate boiler in hell.

With the introduction of blockchain, hotels will only have to improve the quality of services, and accelerate the response to requests from guests. And we will comfortably settle down and watch how beautifully and rapidly the stars are falling from the ratings and signs of hotels.

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