Connect Me If You Can!


Onlife is installed on the smartphone, “you are successfully registered” and for the first time after that you go outside. That’s it! The world will never be the same again! Now the restaurants are not just restaurants, there are no more “just” shops and “just” fast foods around. Now all of them are your opportunities to earn. We will tell you who can be connected to the system and on whose success to earn.

To who we say Yes?

Yes — to everyone you pay or you can pay to. Any business that offers goods and services and takes money from you for this. Emphasis on the word business. You can’t connect the metro or the clinic, because state institutions are not suitable. It can be the smallest, the youngest and most inconspicuous, but it has to be a business.

Huge liners and small boats

So, stop just sitting at the table and wondering whether we will connect this bar or not. We connect everything! Feel free to create a post and take contacts, otherwise you will get at the end of the line in no time as we expect real excitement. The connection is super simple and you don’t need to be afraid of it. There are no cash desks, POS-terminals and other formalities. The representative or owner of the business just needs to follow the link that you generate for him in your account. And voila!

And now, attention, a small treat! Connect 10 locations — get a bonus. Two times 10 — a double bonus, three times — a triple bonus and so on. Regardless of the type and status of institutions. The principle more=more in its purest embodiment)


Your favorite bar, beauty salon, bookstore, yoga studio, farm products store, hand-made workshop — you can connect them. A girl who does manicures at home, a cleaning lady, coming on Saturdays, and a personal English teacher — also can be connected. Regardless of the form of payment, availability of checks, etc.

Just imagine how much you can earn by connecting a restaurant near the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Or an ice cream café in the public park Prater in Vienna? The queues of people wishing to visit them are almost longer than to that tower! A constant flow of customers is provided, you just need to connect. Also, try to remember all the businessmen you know so that you don’t miss any chance)

Even an unnoticeable bar counter on the beach can be turned into a goldmine. It is enough to tell everyone that cocktails are twice cheaper and three times tastier. But it has to be true, of course)

The question “Who?” is worked through. The question “How much?” was answered earlier here. If there are any other questions, feel free to write in the comments or chat. And be prepared that now after your vacation you won’t get asked how did you rest, but how many places did you connect).

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