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Surely each of us at least once, but had thoughts about moving to another country: someone does not like the climate, someone does not like the standard of living, and someone finds sharp objects in their butt. Ignoring this topic is a real crime, so we made a manual in which we collected tips on moving and explained how Onlife will simplify this process.

Attention! After reading this article an irreversible move is possible! Be careful!

If you decide to move, the first thing you need to do is choose where exactly. Live with polar bears or sunbathe with crocodiles? Indeed, each country has its own special aspects considering residence permit, employment and various documents. Already at this point the dating function will help you to meet with the locals. And do not forget about special groups where we will post relevant information regarding expats. Otherwise, for whose sake did we do all this?

Once you have come up with a place, we recommend that you find a job in advance so you won’t lose your time and money. Most employers conduct online interviews and you just have to demonstrate your skills. Eliminate competitors at all costs😏

Since most people in the world move illegally and work in “rough” places, we recommend to go studying. If you successfully pass all the exams, you will receive an invitation letter to study. And this means that you will have a student visa, which gives access to many benefits.

We also advise you to get familiar with the laws of the country before your arrival. Most of them can look strange, but you must follow them. Otherwise, you may take a vape in your luggage and go to jail for 6 years in Thailand😂

The Onlife application is a godsend for all expats, because we solve 2 key problems: lack of information and lack of earnings. Regarding the first, everything is clear — networking is a magic pill. The second problem most often arises in the first six months or a year after moving, when the documents are prepared and the money are out. So download our application and you will fear nothing)

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