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Monetization With Onlife — How Does It Work?

Ready-made routes, dating, low commission and honest reviews — this is incredibly cool. But the most interesting part is where the earnings start! Especially those that come without any effort and on an ongoing basis. Let’s provide insight into who, how much, and for what can earn with Onlife.

If a cafe hasn’t been added to the map yet, you can earn money as its discoverer. Create a post, write how good and tasty the food was, add photos or videos, and publish. After adding this place, 0.05% of each check will automatically go onto your wallet.

But to connect the location you need a monetizer. If the discoverer only opened a place, but did not take the necessary data from the manager and did not connect the location, a monetizer arrives there, fills out the contact form and passes it to us. We connect the business, and the monetizer from that moment receives 0.1% of each check.

In case the discoverer, in addition to creating the post, also connected the business, he receives 0.15% of all checks (0.05% for opening and 0.1% for connecting). That’s it. Now this cafe is a source of profit.

But for whom? For everyone! For example, you are looking for a place to eat. You found a travel-post with photos and information about the cafe within a three-minute walk. Decided to visit it, had a great dinner. Then you ask for your check and tell the waiter that you have found out about this place from Onlife. These few words will give you 5% cashback. Also you can mention the author of the post, and he will earn 5% of your check. If the author is not indicated, 5% will be divided into equal parts and will go to the wallets of everyone who has ever made a post about this place.

Travel posts form travel boxes, which are ready-to-use routes. Imagine that someone has already made a travel box in the city you are visiting. Without wasting time to figure out where to go, you click “Repeat”, and begin the tour using the tags. The route author, by default, gets his 5% of your checks.

Every three months each institution is visited by the revisor. His task is to fill out a detailed questionnaire, write a report and put a rating in 5 categories. The revisor receives a reward, the institution learns about its weaknesses and strengths, and users receive an honest rating.

Immagine a situation. You flew to Vienna to meet your old friends. You walk along some quite part of the city and you notice a cozy bakery. You decide to come in, eat a pretzel, have a cup of coffee, and you really like it there. Then you open Onlife App and see that the bakery is not yet on the map. You write a post, add pictures and publish it. In the meanwhile, friends call that they are already waiting, and you have to go.

Your post is seen by Thomas, who is here on business. He comes in, and also gets satisfied with this location. He clicks on a place to leave a review, and there is a message: “Monetize me.” He fills out the contact form and submits to us. We quickly connect the cafe.

From that moment on, you receive 0.05% of all checks in this bakery as a discoverer, and Thomas — 0.1% of each check as a monetizer.

Thomas comes here every morning for coffee and rolls, and does not forget to specify that he came through Onlife. For this, each time he receives 5% cashback. Also he tells about your travel post. And you get 5% of his check.

But on the last day in Vien, Thomas was hurrying to the airport and forgot to mention you. In this case, 5% of the check is divided equally among all users with travel posts about the bakery.

Then you spontaneously decide to skip across to Munich for one day. And your friend Christopher recommends you his travel box with cool places. You click “Repeat”, and visit them. 5% of all your checks are automatically payed to Chris.

As you can see, earning tokens is easy. And when they are already on your account, you can do with them whatever you want. Send to friends, withdraw to the card, or pay at the tagged locations. For more features visit our website — Don’t loose your chance.

Still have questions? Join our Telegram chat And save this post. When money starts to fly into your wallet, it will help you to clarify from where and for what you got them)

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