No More Lies! I Can See You!


What do you do when you need to find a special place for a special date? Go and read the reviews. On which sites? Famous, reputable and in the top three in search engine. And it’s a big mistake! For example, on TripAdvisor more than 85% of reviews are positive and, as it turned out, ⅔ of them are fake.

But in Onlife this will not happen, as in Onlife there will be a trust rating. Not the same, of course, as in the “Black Mirror”, but with it you will clearly know whether you can rely on the user’s recommendations and whether it threatens with problems, at least with the stomach.

How does it work?

In a few words, if people agree with your reviews and find them useful, your rating grows. And the higher the rating, the more people will visit places you have tagged and recommended and use your travel boxes. Accordingly, you will earn more.

But if your reviews are often considered untrue, be prepared to accept the rating downgrade. When more than 20 people disagree with your review, the support team begins to analyze and verify it in detail. If they confirm that it’s a fake — rating flies down immediately. By cunning on a regular basis, you can lose the opportunity to earn money in the system, and in case of special persistence — the opportunity to use the application in general.

You can’t hide from us!

In order to clearly understand who is who, the team of revisors will study the tagged places and assess their compliance with reviews and descriptions. Unbiased and incorruptible, armed with checklists and sharp eyes, they will not leave the slightest chance to fakes and dishonest businesses. Even very famous and very beautiful.

Not only revisors, but also ordinary users can influence your trust rating. By agreeing or denying your feedback and information in the posts, they can raise you to the stars or lower you to the very bottom of the rating scale.

Being honest is beneficial

What do we get in the end? The higher the rating, the greater the income, thanks to the trust to your recommendations and visits to “your” places. A low rating automatically makes your posts uninteresting, and it’s very difficult to make money on them. Nothing personal, it’s just business.

For fake reviews, we revoke the main thing — money. We do not fine, of course, but we limit the ability to earn. Think about all the advantages of the service, your capabilities and prospects in the system. Are fake reviews worth losing all this? Do not answer, it’s a rhetorical question)

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