Onlife Got Out into the World!


– Knock-knock!

– Who’s that?

– This is the test of the Onlife App!

“The sound of popping champagne”

This March we will not forget for the rest of our lives, as such a whirligig is difficult to forget. Until yesterday, the whole team was busy with preparation. And now it happened — testing is officially open. Besides this, our mouths are also open — the number of applications exceeds 15,000. But there are only 10,000 places.

That is why we will send invitations in batches: whoever sent the application before everyone else will receive the link first. In addition to it, each tester will receive two invitations by which you can add any person to the project — starting from your friends and ending with a stranger in the chat, who in return promised to show where the leprechauns store their gold.

Regarding those participants, who sent their invitations at the very end, there is no need to be upset. Our goal is to gather 10,000 active testers. Therefore, if you download the application faster than others, you will automatically get included.

Regarding the test itself, we are not playing games here, but we are working on a project from scratch that will be a reliable friend for every tourist. That is why it is important for us that you get the most out of the application. Accordingly, we do not need inactive users, because we want to create a high-quality product, without bugs and errors. Frankly speaking, we consider the possibility of “cleaning” users. We need testers who will point out all our shortcomings. So, we are the only place where critics from around the world are expected☺️

And finally, I want to say that we did not create the perfect product, but it can become so with your help. Our cooperation in the form of voting was excellent, so let’s continue it already in the field🔥

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