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You liked our previous article very much and we decided to continue the topic of expatriates. But today we will do without laudatory odes, manuals on moving, and talk about the blockchain. At what pace it is developing and where the hell is this PR coming from?!


They can fit in your pocket, but for some pieces of paper expats are waiting for months. We have good news for you: by 2021, in all of Europe special systems will be developed that will allow migrants to receive the necessary papers 5–7 times faster. You can forget about the queues as everything will be done remotely, and the data will also be stored in cloud storage with an integrated blockchain. Forget about age-long lines.

Higher education

It’s no secret that about 65% of all emigrants in the world are students. And how many people ruined their lives due to the fact that letters from higher educational institutions arrived late for a few weeks or months?

But now everything will be different. Developers from Switzerland, Canada and the USA are working on a joint project, which is a common database of many universities in the world (more than 2500). And very soon, each applicant will be able to send all documents, take exams and even file an appeal online.


A real headache of expats are banks and other financial institutions. Those slow clerks who cause a desire to kill. Cash is becoming less popular every year and migrants needs to get a card. This is a quest that takes several weeks. To get a bank card, you need to provide identification documents. But if you need weeks to get them, then what should you do? Right! Sit on your butt and tell how bad things are😂

However, the French government together with the blockchain resolved this issue: now each expat upon arrival will receive a special document (electronic, of course), which will allow to receive a bank card within the shortest possible time. You can sing the Marseillaise and appreciate the Champs Elysees.

Actual information will be on our website, but remember that in Onlife app you can find groups especially for expats.

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