Time to Launch It, Elon Musk!


Humanity cannot sit on the same place too long and, as it turns out, even on our planet. As long as ideological inspirers, such as Elon Musk, live on Earth, progress will move in quantum leaps. So why fly to the islands if you can fly to the Moon?

During the 21st century, only 7 people have visited the Moon, and this is a new area that holds endless possibilities, enormous opportunities and money. That’s exactly what Elon has been thinking. After all, it was he who announced the era of space tourism after successfully testing his rockets.

However, billions of dollars that have to be spent force him and other companies to look at the trip to the Moon as an extreme one. This is because they don’t know how else to cover all the costs. Back in 2018, Musk agreed on the first tourist to fly around the Moon. This is a Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. The flight is scheduled for 2023, and it will be an extremely fascinating sight.

At the start of this year, we bought our own plot on the Moon, which we plan to develop, and in the foreseeable future make the first tourist base on our satellite🤔

The main catch of traveling to other planets is the price of the flight. But now we can see the trend of dumping — earlier the flight cost $80–100 million, and now about $40–50 million.

We are sure most of you remember the movie “The Fifth Element” in the genre of fiction. But very soon it can become a reality. You don’t need to give a screw-loose sign, say there is no oxygen on the Moon and there is nothing special to do there. The niche of tourism is constantly being updated and we are about to open a new direction.

Of course, flights to the Moon will be expensive, but there will definitely be a lot of requests — it is just a matter of time and marketing. Another 5–10 years and we will add a new planet to our application, and in a short time after that, the expeditions of tourists will be sent there. But if you want to stay on Earth and feel all the life beauties, then test our application and destroy all borders. Except for state ones😄

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