Top 5 Blockchain Solutions in Tourism in 2019


Tourism is a very “emotional” area. The joy of discovering new places, the euphoria of a traveler, the sensations of complete freedom…Unfortunately, you have to pay for it. And often overpay. While you think that this is okay, the blockchain is confidently introducing itself into the tourism industryand is fundamentally changing everything. So, we decided to take stock of the changes for the whole year. And after summing up, we can only say one thing: “Damn it, what awaits us tomorrow? 😁”

In the sea of ​​tourist services there are a lot of large fish. What about smaller fish? It was eaten by the big one. And they continue the occupation. It’s a shame, it’s annoying, and it’s enough tolerating this. The introduction of the blockchain completely eliminates the monopoly of tourism services and pricing. Now companies offer their services on equal terms, and travelers have access to reliable information and reservations. Directly! No more intermediaries.

Speaking of intermediaries. Profiting from sky-high commissions will no longer be an option. With services on the blockchain, a tourist saves money, and any business has the opportunity to work.

Only services like this can guarantee the security of your data. Just think, the airline industry is now losing about a billion dollars a month due to credit card fraud! And if you take the losses of the entire tourism industry? The numbers are so huge that it is difficult to read at the first try. The whole blame is on unprotected transactions.

You can be robbed without data theft. With the help of hidden fees, commissions, and useless services offered as first-class. With the blockchain, the scheme for acquiring services is as transparent as possible and eliminates inappropriate debit of fundsSmart contracts are introduced in order to confirm the agreements. This is like ordering goods with payment after inspection. You pay only for the provided service, and provided at top level.

And finally, there’s no more hypocrisy and rating falsification. Ordering positive ones and removing negative reviews is a common thing and a convenient way to earn money. With applications based on the blockchain, if the restaurant serves tasteless food and has an unpleasant atmosphere, you will know about this. And in case the food is absolutely delicious, too.

All of the above applies directly to Onlife. Safe transactions, honest rating, no risks and many other goodies are already packed and are waiting for you to download it to your smartphone. 

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