Tourism+Blockchain=Cheap Trips


It just happened that on Medium we constantly tell you about tourism and blockchain in different interpretations. All of you are modern people of the digital era who want to ride the crest of technology and be at the height of the trend. But all of you definitely want to travel cheap and cool. And now you have two reliable assistants — our project and blockchain. This explosive mix will turn the tourism industry upside down!

The first ray of light — privacy, privacy, and privacy again. Nobody wants their passport and other data to go public. But when you book tours there is no other way. The blockchain eliminates this problem with the help of complete transparency — forget about a dozen intermediaries who can get a loan using your name or sell your personal data. Now it will all be veto forever👍

The second ray of light for tourists is the financial issue. Now finances are divided correctly and go only into the necessary pockets. Sending money, especially abroad, is a complicated process associated with emotional stress — transactions take a long time and there are intermediaries who take their percentage as always. Well, why pay more if there is a blockchain that acts as a global accountant and helps you proceed payments quickly and, what is most important, without a commission?

The next item that pleases tourists is luggage tracking. Just think about it — every day, more than 5,000 travelers lose their belongings at airports and transfer zones. The most annoying thing is that it is almost impossible to obtain justice from the carrier. They will listen to your complains with a smile on their face and do not even raise a finger, while blockchain will help you keep track of your suitcases and make sure that no one gets to see your underwear or other secrets.

Let’s not forget about the reviews — the number of fakes on the network is through the roof, and it was impossible to deal with it. Until the blockchain appeared. Now you can easily find out who wrote each review, contact the author and be sure of the veracity. Time to say goodbye to fake ratings, high expectations and cruel reality.

Blockchain will simplify the life of every tourist. Now there will be much fewer intermediaries, and thanks to us you can easily get reliable information about any point on the planet, at the same time tagging new places and making money on it. Wish you good luck and low prices😉

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