We Can Do Without Blockchain, But Should We?


They say that after the suspension of the National Basketball Association season, many athletes from blocked shots switched to the blockchain. Of course, the rapid development of blockchain technology in recent years cannot be understated. The tourism sector, which has never been known for conservatism and snobbery, also cannot resist the new horizons that automation, chains, and His Majesty Blockchain open for us.

So, why is blockchain useful for a tourist? First of all, it provides cost savings due to bypassing intermediaries. Even the best price on the Internet is far from the best and exceeds the cost of services by at least 50%. No, this doesn’t come from hotels. The whole reason is just in the intermediary companies.

In modern tourism, there is an illusion of freedom of choice. There are really
millions of offers, and finding the best one seems a piece of cake. In fact, this is not so. We are not going to stuff you with the secrets of conspiracy. The Illuminati simply won’t let us. Let’s leave this to the specialists.

Monopolists (more usually, oligopolists) are well known in the tourism industry. Their names are on every post and in contextual advertising. They are information systems, tour operators, marketplaces and other intermediaries.

Blockchain offers a solution to this problem. For example, the LockChain project helps eliminate middlemen, improve quality and lower the cost of living. In a like manner work the algorithms of Travel Chain — a unique database that will greatly facilitate forming the travel budget. And WindingTree has established direct contacts even with such a transportation giant as Lufthansa.

With the help of blockchain technologies, the transparency of services becomes reality. It is based on using smart contracts, which significantly increases the financial security of transactions and minimizes the fear of losing funds.

Blockchain is not just another widely promoted technology. Already today we are gathering the results of its work. Even the giants of the tourism industry bow down before the new technology. Onlife is also built on a blockchain basis in order to become every tourist’s best friend. With the help of our brainchild, everyone will be able to see true reviews about any place, find useful contacts and even earn money! We are already online. What about you?

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