We Have a Positive Test!


March came to an end, which means the Onlife mobile app is making small steps towards success. For a whole month, our first users were connecting their favorite places and looking for bugs. As befits the discoverers, they immediately informed us of the findings. Here’s what we learned in the first month of testing:

Testers exude confidence in the bright future of the application. In other words, the impressions are very good, users like it, and those who don’t just magically disappear😉

There are bugs, of course. But! We are pleased to note that there are only a few critical bugs. Minor problems with uploading stories in some users have already been successfully resolved, and we are working selflessly on problems with the check-in.

Reviews are especially encouraging. Even the most discreet of you praise the application while mentioning that there is room to grow. We don’t need too many advances, but every honest and positive feedback is the fuel for our enthusiasm.

Onlife is getting better every day, and all in order to ensure that our users can multiply their impressions and income while traveling. 😁

Field observations from our testers inspire so much that we can poorly restrain our optimism — Onlife application is on the path to excellence (God bless the developers). But without you, nothing will work. Give us feedback, tag your locations on the map, and together we will conquer any mountain on our path 😊

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