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Those who do not like to travel — close the article, and the rest are welcome) Today we will tell you about 5 countries where technology has gone far ahead and allows tourists to feel like they got directly into the future.

Let’s start from the end — modest Austria is in fifth place. In addition to low prices, beautiful nature and many attractions, the country boasts large investments in the development of tourism. In 2019, more than 350 startups were registered that are aimed at improving the comfort of travelers. A golden niche.

It was in Austria that a project was invented and developed that allows any tourist to contact the round-the-clock support service and get a detailed guide on what is worth visiting in a particular city. And of course, do not forget about video surveillance — crime rates in the country drop by about 5–6% every year, which means that you no longer need to chase thieves😏

Switzerland deserves the fourth place — a country of magnificent landscapes and huge prices. Not every tourist can afford a trip to this country, but if you are thinking whether it is worth it or not, the answer is definitely yes. At least you will see what real life is)

In the near future, at all railway stations in Switzerland will be introduced a system of remote payment. No lines and large crowds. We can only dream about this. And in 2018, most pharmacies began to accept cryptocurrency payments — digital technology lovers already squeal with delight)

The third place is occupied by Great Britain. The country of the royal dynasty has been trying to please tourists for a long time. Do not be surprised if you see the guardsmen posing for a photo or holding children in their arms — this is not kidnapping. In mid-2019, the government announced the development of a blockchain system that will increase the acceptance rate at airports by at least two times.

Already now, each of you got used to innovations at the restaurants. Most of them have full robotization: waiters and barmen are replaced by artificial intelligence. This is a spectacular sight, but most importantly, the service is always at its best! It’s a pity that there are no more emotional talks, but why not come up with a startup on this issue?)

Silver goes to Singapore. We all know the formation process of this country and its economic miracle of the twentieth century. However, the government is still on the right track and in 2019, the country accepted more than 25 million tourists. But the question is how did they manage to fit in this small territory?

Such love can be explained by the many factors. First of all, full legalization of the gambling business, and here it is not located in the basements, but in large palaces where even cryptocurrency is accepted (and it seems that winnings are not even taken away). Of course, a high level of medicine — people leave as fresh as a daisy. Now there is a technological trend in the countries of Asia — they are actively focused on international trade and actively investing tremendous money in its development😂

First place is deservedly given to Japan. In addition to the atmosphere of centenarians and the high quality of all products, every tourist will be surprised. This is a real paradise for pets — they are loved here more than people. There are created special restaurants, baths, shops and even supermarkets for them. Also we recommend travelers immediately tune in to high technology: with the help of new trains the whole country can be seen in less than two days. Despite the high population there are almost no traffic jams, as there has been developed a special public transport with a lot of space, so no one will step on your fresh cleaned shoes.

But plan your trip as soon as possible, as we can see, nature doesn’t like Japan😏

For many countries, tourism is the main source of income, so in the future the world will do everything so that people travel as often as possible.

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