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At least once each of us traveled somewhere. Perhaps to the islands or another continent, or maybe just to meet a friend in a neighboring city. But one process remains the same for everyone — packing. You need to take all the necessary things, calculate the budget and choose the places you want to visit. And here is where the problems begin — how to choose these places?

Based on our personal experience, first of all, people try to look for someone they know that have already been at the necessary location. Next goes the Internet, namely, various general articles (usually outdated), and finally, people study well-known platforms where real people (or maybe not) leave their feedback. But this is 2020, which means that the fake reviews are everywhere — for a couple of bucks any place will be complimented 100 times. Then what should tourists do? The answer is simple like an atom of water — just wait a little longer and start testing Onlife. We have already said it many times before, but the repetition is the mother of skill — all the reviews of tourists we have are real. It is impossible to cheat: praise the blockchain and 6 protection systems against fakes. Interpol pales in comparison to it😏

Now you can travel safely and be sure that the expectations will be met at 100 percent. Honest, real reviews — the first Onlife function that everyone will appreciate!

The second function is the opportunity to earn money. Since our platform is based on user content, we will give reward for each action. So you can earn in this way — create new places on the map, come to any institution, leave your real review and even make your own routs, which consist of several locations. Whole world in one application.

As a result, even a common business trip provides an opportunity to earn money. Well, if you travel not so much, then this is not a reason to feel down — go to the center of your own city and start connecting interesting places, and at the same time create a route for tourists!

The third function of Onlife is dating. Most of us work all day, and making new connections is quite a problem. But still everyone wants to have a nice time and relax. Onlife will help you find a company for traveling, make new friends from other countries, or maybe even meet the love of your life and make a wedding proposal in the Maldives, while tagging a couple of interesting places)

We carry on with our trend of free functions — they will not beg for your money, so study the rules of communication that expats will appreciate.

We have often heard and even personally encountered that in order to move to another country we need up-to-date information that is impossible to find on travel forums or social networks. Therefore, we integrate special groups into the application where all information regarding the move will be posted.

Of course, Onlife has more useful functions — all of them are already on our updated site! (Link). It’s time to buy some of those Spanish hats and canes — very soon the time of Columbus will come😂

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