Woosh! And You’re Out-Of-Work!


Why blockchain and why do we pay so much attention to it both here and in Telegram? The answer is simple — because it solves dozens of problems without creating new ones. Only in the case of Onlife it removes the problem of monopoly on the market, high commissions and false reviews. No less tough renovations are expected on the labor market. And since we have representatives of various professions in the community, it can’t hurt to notify you. Maybe it’s time to think about changing your kind of activity?

Say No to Bureaucracy!

With the introduction of blockchain the bureaucracy disappears by itself. And with it a huge number of officials and specialists involved in the processing and storage of documents and data. These are accountants, clerks, cashiers and lawyers of the lowest level. Who will replace them? Smart contracts!

New Security Guarantor

Part of the authority of notaries and state registrars has already been transferred to the blockchain. There are several projects that help to certify the rights to real estate, cars and other property. In Georgia alone, more than 100,000 land plots are registered with the help of blockchain! Just as a matter of interest, how many of them are for vineyards?

Agents, Secret and Not So Much

Agents usually do what can be done without them. But it’s easier, faster or more interesting with them. Sometimes their work is associated with confidential information, and the possibility of introducing blockchain is in doubt. But real estate agencies, ticketing services, travel agencies and second-order ticket offices may become history in the near future.

Product Quality Control

Over the past two years alone, about 20 blockchain projects have appeared that help determine the country of origin, date of production and other parameters of food products: from wine to baby formula. Thus, the need for surveillance inspectors, merchandisers and all kinds of mystery shoppers disappears. Even fish caught in the ocean can be tracked using a smartphone, while some people still rely on false reviews.

Full Automation

In this area you can dream and look as far as you want. But it is easy to assume that many routine professions will become unnecessary faster than could be expected. Taxi drivers can be replaced by Google cars, sellers by self-checkout. Today, bots have partially replaced traders, and lawyers are working with expert systems that halve their number! Now it’s not enough to be a valuable employee. You need to be irreplaceable. Do you consider yourself as such or thought about a new job?

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