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You are the owner of a customer-oriented business?
Want to get more clients?
Get connected!

As you know, a satisfied customer is the best advertisement. Onlife is a platform that allows your business to attract loyal customers just through word of mouth. With our help, everyone will get to know about your business!

You can connect absolutely any type of business to Onlife, and the connection process will not take long!

What Will Your Business Receive with Onlife?

New Customers

When connecting your business to Onlife, you will immediately get on the radars of hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Thanks to word of mouth, the flow of customers will increase significantly in no time!


You will receive dozens and hundreds of glowing reviews about your services. And thanks to our review system, they will have the highest possible level of trust!

Loyalty System

A fully prepared and automated loyalty system along with a convenient management interface will be available immediately after connecting!

Competitive Advantages

The services of our ecosystem will give your business a powerful boost in the competitive race and dozens of advantages for sustainable development!

Who Should Get Connected?

Food & residence

You have the best beer in town, but everyone chooses the chain restaurant across the street because it’s cheaper there? Your competitor buys fake reviews? With our help, everyone will know about your strong points!
How to join:


Made a huge investment in the materials and props, but the staff loiters around, and everything isn’t operating full out? Connect to Onlife and get ready to increase personnel!
How to join:


Our users are always on the go! Connect and share your benefits with an interested audience!
How to join:


Onlife is a great opportunity to make oneself known. Get connected and interest all potential customers or tell the whole world about the exclusive offer!

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How Does It Work?

Your business pays cashback and receives customers. Simple as that
But! Not all cashback goes on Onlife rewards. The distribution system divides it to the entire ecosystem of users, which even more increases loyalty to your business.

The Client

The client, for example, John comes to your business and pays $100 for your services, which equals 100 ONLC. When making payment, he specifies that he came on the recommendation of Onlife user named Kate
(ONLC is an internal payment coin that ensures a fair distribution of cashback)

  • Onlife

    And only 4.75% goes as rewarding to Onlife

  • The Discoverer

    0.05% goes to the discoverer Tom, as he first “opened” your business on the map

  • The Monetizer

    0.1% goes to the monetizer Sofia, as she connected your business to the system

  • Charity

    0.1% goes to charity

15% of this amount goes to cashback and is distributed throughout the system.
$85 is left to the business
5% goes as a cashback to John
10% is distributed throughout the system

The Recommender
5% goes to Kate
If the user has not indicated a specific person as a recommender, then 5% is distributed to all who leave feedback about your business

Integration process



First, you need to fill out the form on the website for us to receive your request.


Shortly our manager will discuss all the details with you and define a specific cash-back %.


Soon after this you would be connected to the B2B system of the project.

Radar appearance

Then your business will appear on the app maps, while you should prepare yourself for the first wave of Onlife tourists.


You will meet the first Onlife followers: telling stories, writing posts and building the travelling routes with your place on it, not forgetting about the tons of content.

Word of mouth

Attracted to the “pioneers” reviews, followers are starting to visit your place. They really value your business, while attracting more customers.


Your place is so popular that each community member wants to write a post, attracting new customers and increasing your rating. Profit!

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