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Many of us are willing to change their current residence. However, the fear of uncertainty or lack of information is holding us back.

Onlife will become your personal guide and encyclopedia, while also would any issue you might face during the relocation or assimilation. Feel like home at any place in the world!



Now you can easily make new contacts and be sure that you are welcome there. You can find support and any answer from people who were in a similar situation.


Majority of immigrants face certain difficulties in searching and finding the right working place for them. With us you can find a job before relocating and obtain all necessary help and documents required.

Data base

Stop wasting so much time gathering the information — we have created special groups, where you will easily find everything you need to relocate. Data is carefully structured and available any moment to your fingertips!

Affordable accomodation

Quite frequently immigrants complain about the lack of information about the accommodation and huge prices for tourists. At Onlife you would also be able to rent the apartment without any extra fees and on local terms and prices

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